How to Compile InfluxDB from Source

April 9, 2015 One Comment influxdb

compile influxdb with golang
InfluxDB has been written 100% in Go since version 0.9. This means it’s super easy and super fast to compile it. With a few commands, you can build your own InfluxDB database.

Install Golang

To install the Go compiler you will need a C compiler:

Edit your ~/.bashrc (on Linux) or ~/.bash_profile (on Mac OS X) and add:

With those settings, Go repositories will be downloaded in $HOME/go/src
The Go build will be installed in $HOME/go/bin

Download, compile and install Go:


Compile the Latest InfluxDB


Start InfluxDB

InfluxDB binaries will be located in $HOME/go/bin/influxd and $HOME/go/bin/influx
As it is already in your PATH, you can start InfluxDB with influxd command

You can now open the web admin at http://localhost:8083

Go further

You should run InfluxDB with a configuration file.
Usually InfluxDB is used with Grafana to permit dashboard monitoring.

Monitor & detect anomalies with

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