Using Grafana v2 with InfluxDB V0.9

April 14, 2015 No Comments grafana, influxdb

influxdb with grafana monitoring

InfluxDB is often used with Grafana for dashboard monitoring. Grafana is a powerful metrics dashboard and graph editor. When Grafana is used with InfluxDB you can watch your metrics in real time.


Install and Start Grafana

On Debian / Ubuntu:

On CentOS / Fedora (RedHat):

Grafana will start automatically at boot time:

  • Environment variables are located in /etc/default/grafana-server
  • Configuration file can be found in /etc/grafana/grafana.ini

By default, Grafana UI will start on port 3000. Open a web browser to (default password: admin / admin )


Setting InfluxDB as Grafana’s Data Source

Let’s set up Grafana and add InfluxDB as a data source for live monitoring. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, follow these graphical steps:

1- Click on the Menugrafana menu

2- Select a New Data Source

open grafana menu

3- Add InfluxDB as Grafana Data Source

add influxdb to grafana

4- Create a New Dashboard

create grafana dashboard

5- Add a New Graph

add graph to grafana

6- Edit the Default Graph


7- Configure the Graph

real-time metrics with influxdb

Monitor & detect anomalies with

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