Wikipedia Anomaly Detection – Marie Curie

April 23, 2015 No Comments detection

Marie Curie wikipedia anomaly detection

Wikipedia daily pageviews are available online, so we can use this data to spot anomalies. Let’s see if there are any strange pageview patterns for Marie Curie.


For this project, we will use the R programming language with two packages:

Open your R console and install both packages.

Detect Wikipedia Anomaly

Twitter Anomaly Detection is very impressive! It can detect many kinds of anomalies

Wikipediatrend will be helpful for downloading Wikipedia page view history so we can run our detection on it.

This page usually gets around 4000 pageviews per day. But in November 2011, it received 1.1 million pageviews. Anomaly detected!

Why the Anomaly?

Reading the Marie Curie Wikipedia page we find that she was born in November. Google created a Google doodle for Marie Curie for her birthday. This led to an unusual traffic increase on Marie Curie’s page.

Google doodles for Marie Curie

Monitor & detect anomalies with

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