Smart alerting

As soon as an anomaly is detected receive a notification the way you want it. You can get notify by SMS, email, PagerDuty and with your own callback.
That way the system can learn from your expectation and adapt itself. Just tell it if the alerting is or isn’t relevant to you. Next time it detects a similar anomaly it will know if it needs to bother you with it.


alert in plain english

Understandable alert

When something goes wrong, you need to fix it as fast as possible. That’s why you will receive your alert instantaneously. But this speed is worthless if you spend hours trying to understand it. We believe it’s a critical point you understand immediately the alert. In the notification your receive explain everything using graphics and plain English: why we believe it’s an anomaly, on which metrics it rely, what was notice in the past, for how long it was noticed for and so on … Ofter a quick look at the graphics is enough to understand the whole problem.

alert integration

Notification integration

You can receive your alert many different ways. We provide SMS, email, RSS, Mobile Push Notifications. We also integrate with PagerDuty widely used in the alerting industry. You can also hook to our web service for alert and build your own solution. The notification configuration is as easy as the metrics integration. Simply add a team member with an email address and phone number.

improve detection

Improve alerting

Sometimes you will receive alerts you don’t mind about. It might be simple coincidence, trends who aren’t or correlation that don’t make sense. When you get a false alert click the link “it is not an anomaly”. It will learn and you will not be bothered with this kind of alert anymore. The more you tell if the alert does or doesn’t make sense the more accurate the alerting will become.

Detect anomaly and monitor your metrics now.

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