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Your metrics gets displayed in real-time straight to your web browser. We leverage Grafana who provides beautiful and highly configurable dashboard. Display your metrics in many different ways. Create and customize you favorite dashboard using a powerful yet easy query language.

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Grafana integration

Display your metrics in Grafana, the famous open source dashboard project. You can create and compose dashboard to visualize your time series in real-time. You can select any point in time you need to visualize your data. It’s very easy, simply edit and watch your metrics right into your web browser.


Customize Dashboard

It’s possible to alter the display of your metrics into bars, lines, and points. You can also change it colors as well as it looks and field. Also, you can select the Y-Axes type such as milliseconds, percentage, Ko, Mo and many more. From the dashboard, create and choose to display metrics you’re interested into. As soon as you make a change you can see the result into your browser.

this is live data!



Query language

The dashboard includes a query language very easy to use. Click on any metric segment to change it, quickly add functions (min, max, median, distinct, percentile, derivative…) Just fill the template to display the metrics you want, the way you want it. Or you can also use the query language for a complex dashboard.



We provide Grafana as a service for free, it’s an open source project which provides many advantages to you. As you can access Grafana source code to edit it in order to match exactly your needs. Grafana is written in Javascript an easy language to understand and easy to customize.

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