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Learning environment 300-206 exam book 210-060 questions & answers is 300-070 exam 300-070 exam a special kind of 300-070 exam living 300-206 exam book environment, especially as a according to the special needs of 300-070 exam 300-070 exam people’s physical 210-060 questions & answers 210-060 questions & answers and 300-206 exam book mental 300-206 exam book development and 210-060 questions & answers set 300-206 exam book 300-206 exam book up 300-206 exam book the special 210-060 questions & answers educational environment in which 210-060 questions & answers to learn, can 210-060 questions & answers subtly influence students feeling, thinking, behavior, habits and the 210-060 questions & answers formation of temperament.

Automatic Detection

Detect anomalies as soon as they occur. No configuration required.

Smart Alerts

Receive an alert with essential information as soon as an anomaly isAi??detected.

Beautiful Charts

Watch all of your metrics in real time using Grafana.

Easy Integratation

Integrate easily withAi??your favorite languages: Java, C#, Python, Ruby, PHP and more.


Common Patterns


Changes from Usual Patterns

Real Time

Detect Anomalies On The Fly

Anomaly Detection will find commonAi??patterns in your metrics after just a few weeks of monitoring.

It will train itself to detect anomalies such as:

  • Recurring events
  • SimilarAi??behaviour
  • Correlations
  • Trends
  • and much more…

Smart Alerts

Receive alerts right away via email, text message or third party software like PagerDuty. Receive your alerts in plain English with graphics, so youAi??understand theAi??problem right away.

Anomaly will adapt itselfAi??to your needs: just tell it if you receive an alert that is or isn’tAi??relevant!

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alert anomaly

Beautiful charts

Teva generic imitrex

Watch your favorite metrics in real-time

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Monitor Everything

Use monitoring software or customAi??programming.
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